Often asked thread and wrench sizes for the K-80.

Front sight thread is 2.5mm

Mid sight thread is 2.5mm

Bead thread on older guns was 2.6mm

Trigger adjusting wrench is 1.27mm / 0.050″. Same wrench locks the barrel selector.

Comb adjusting wrench is 2.5mm hex key

Stock removal wrench is 5mm hex key

Safety catch locking screw wrench is 2mm hex key

Forearm screws need a Torx 20 wrench

Height adjusting wheel on Trap Special and Pro Sporter is locked using a 1.5mm hex wrench.

Front hanger cross-pin is 1.5mm. Use a 1.4mm punch to remove. The cross pin is hollow and a 0.9mm punch through the pin provides support when reinstalling.

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