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lore – “a body of traditions and knowledge on a subject… typically passed from person to person by word of mouth”.

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Scope Mounting

With detailed knowledge of different mounting systems and fitting expertise, we have various helpful scope mounting posts to help you with your set-up, including fitting procedures and accuracy tips.


Being immersed in the world of shooting, you pick up a library of knowledge and many nuggets of information. You can view our posts related to shotgun shooting, fitting, adjustments and much more.


The art of rifle shooting is much more about learning about the rifle than you think. Discovering different shooting methods and aids to become more accurate is an on going process, so we delve into various rifle topics in our Rifle Section.

Media & Video

You can learn much more with a video tutorial. We have discovered various useful video guides, tutorials and features on Youtube. Feel free to take a look and browse our Media and Video Section.

From The Blog

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