• Video | Re-Cocking a Bolt

    If your bolt accidentally becomes de-cocked – The method shown in the video below can potentially save your day out, if you know what to do!

    Your bolt may have been knocked or dropped and de-cocked. You need to know how to re-cock it again so you’re back shooting in no time.

    We look at how to reposition the cocking lug back in to the “Cocked Position”. We use an example of what to use when you are out in the field and you don’t have your work bench or tools handy. It’s a simple to perform procedure you can do on a fence posts or wooden edge.

    In this image below, you can see the cocking lug in the normal Cocked position on the left and how it has dropped into the De-Cocked position on the right picture.

    To Re-Cock it, you need to move the lug back into the original Cocked position, which is not very easy to do by hand due to the force of the firing pin inside, which means you need a helping hand. See in the video a simple method to perform this task.

    This method works for a massive range of rifles and bolts including the Schultz & Larsen rifle shown in this video. But since publishing the video on Youtube, we’ve had thanks from various rifle users for Tikka T3Xs, Brownings, Savage and Mausers. So good to know it’s helping a few people out there!

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