• Video | The K-80 Side Plate Update

    If you find yourself missing C-Clips inside your Krieghoff K-80 action, then this update to the mechanism may be of interest to you.

    The update of the side plate within the K-80 action has semi-captive and captive C-Clips, which makes them pretty much impossible to be accidentally knocked off.

    In the video, we look at a K-80 action with and without the update and look at the differences between them.

    If you are interested in having the Side Plate Update installed, you can contact our service team in the UK. Visit www.krieghoff.co.uk for more information.

    We would usually recommend having the update installed during a Service as the gun is broken down into components for a full clean, polish and check, so when it’s rebuilt, we can update it with the new side plate.

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