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Rifle mechanisms and limitations. Ballistics, shooting and zeroing.

Checking which Barrel Thread for Moderators

Measure this at home with simple equipment to find out which thread is on your barrel.


Riflescope mounts are a large part of our business and consequently we sell a lot of Picatinny rails. We offer these in various MOA and have always been surprised how many 20 MOA rails we sell. Over time it has become clear that many who buy these rails don’t actually know what MOA is and Read More…

Schultz & Larsen

It has been a number of years since I visited Denmark so I was pleased when the opportunity arose to visit Danish Riflemaker Schultz & Larsen.  Leaving Stansted on a late Ryanair flight to Billund, I stayed overnight at the excellent and friendly Zleep hotel at Billund airport.  The owner and CEO of Schultz & Larsen, Read More…

Scope Height

You’ve bought your rifle and scope so now you need to mount it.  You want the scope as close to the barrel as possible but what height rings do you need?  Calculating this is easy, ridiculously easy and can be done with no more than the loose change in your pocket.  How?  Pay attention! Set Read More…

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