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    This is a useful method to quickly find out the scope mount height you need for your scope. Taking two quick measurements, you can work out the minimum mounting height required for your scope.

    We measure the Objective Lens Outer Diameter and also the Mid Tube Diameter, then use these measurements to determine the distance between the bottom of the mid tube to the bottom of the objective lens.

    The example on the video and the working out is as follows:
    On a Zeiss 3-12×56 Scope
    Half of the Objective Lens Diameter of 62mm = 31mm
    Half of the Mid Tube Diameter of 30mm = 15mm
    Equals 16mm Mounting Height Required

    We use this method every day to work out what height mounts customers require. Another Example would be:
    Swarovski DS 5-25×52
    Half of Objective Lens Diametre of 65mm = 32.5mm
    Half of the Mid Tube Diameter of 40mm = 20mm
    Equals 12.5mm Mounting Height Required

    We also look into a method to achieve a lower mounting height by looking at the drop between the action and the barrel. This varies from rifle to rifle, so we would usually ask you to measure this. Whereas it is usually around 4 or 5mm, we cannot be totally sure of this. Bearing this in mind, if your barrel drop measures 5mm and you have a Zeiss 3-12×56 with a 16mm Mounting Height, you can lower this 16mm by 5mm, resulting in a 11mm Mounting Height Required. This would be the very minimum height you would need, so it’s normally a good idea to add a couple of mm to this minimum height to guarantee that you avoid any contact with the barrel. A safe height here would be 12 or 13mm of mounting height.

    You can then look at various mounts, with the knowledge that your minimum mounting height needs to be at least 12 or 13mm to be safe. We’re happy to answer any questions and if you have any, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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