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Video | Scope Mounting – Adjustable Inclination Mount

In this video we take a look at the ERATAC Adjustable Inclination Mount, produced by Recknagel. The One-Piece Picatinny Mount allows you to adjust the MOA from 0 to 70 or Mil-Rad from 0 to 20.

Video | Krieghoff – Safety, Selector and Trigger Adjustments

In this video we run through three adjustments you can make to your Krieghoff K-80 or K-20. Locking the Safety, locking the selector position and positioning the trigger blade.

Video | Schultz & Larsen – Victory Barrel Removal

A short video to demonstrate how to remove and attach the barrel on a S&L Victory with walnut stock.

Video | Schultz & Larsen – Classic Synthetic Barrel Removal

A short video to demonstrate how to remove and attach the barrel back on to a Schultz & Larsen Classic Synthetic.

Video | Krieghoff – Removing & Replacing the Ejectors

We get asked how to do this very often, so here is a short video showing you how to take the ejectors out and put them back in. Taking your barrels, give the ejectors a firm tap to free them away from the spring and ball pressure. We use the handle of the Krieghoff Stock Read More…

Video | Krieghoff – Cleaning the Barrels and Choke Tubes

Keeping the Barrels and Choke Tubes clean is an important job. This should ideally be done after each session. We run through some key points and steps to help keep your K-80 in good working order. We cover, cleaning the choke tubes. This involves removing them from the barrels, cleaning the choke threads and the Read More…

Video | Krieghoff – Remove the Front Hanger

In this video we go through the steps to remove and refit the front hanger on a K-80. With some simple tools, this job is very easy to do. With just a plastic hammer, a set of 1.4mm & 0.9mm pin punches and a wooden drift, I show you in steps, how to remove the Read More…

Video | Schultz & Larsen Two Stage Trigger Adjustments

This video cover the trigger adjustments on a Schultz & Larsen Two Stage Trigger. There are a few adjustments possible on a Two Stage Trigger and we take a look into what can be altered. There are two types of trigger on the Schultz & Larsen Victory Rifle, the Two Stage Trigger, shown in this Read More…

Video | Schultz & Larsen Direct Trigger Adjustment

This video covers the trigger adjustments on the Schultz & Larsen Direct or Single Stage Trigger. You can adjust the length of pull and the weight of the trigger. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR RIFLE FOR SLAM FIRING!* * Slam Firing occurs when the the rifle goes-off when the bolt is closed. Caused by the sear engagement Read More…

Checking which Barrel Thread for Moderators

Measure this at home with simple equipment to find out which thread is on your barrel.

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