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Release Trigger

A release trigger is a trigger that fires when you let it go, not when your pull it.  Sounds obvious but scary.  Why on earth would anyone want such a thing.  The answer is a little more complicated.  Many shooters, especially Trap shooters, suffer from a flinch.  For more information see my earlier post – Flinching. Read More…


For those who do not know, a flinch is something that happens when you try to pull the trigger. It can take two distinct forms. The first is a jerk or snatch that pulls the gun off target at the instant of firing. The second is an inability to pull the trigger and can vary Read More…

New Gun Syndrome

Shooters often buy a new gun expecting that it will transform their shooting overnight and are disappointed when it does not.  Shooting a gun is the same as driving a car or anything else we do in our day to day to lives.  We rely on muscle memory.  Put simply, muscle memory is what we Read More…

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