• Video | Schultz & Larsen Direct Trigger Adjustment

    This video covers the trigger adjustments on the Schultz & Larsen Direct or Single Stage Trigger. You can adjust the length of pull and the weight of the trigger.


    * Slam Firing occurs when the the rifle goes-off when the bolt is closed. Caused by the sear engagement being too little, so the jolt or movement of the bolt closure is enough to activate it. This can be very dangerous so please make sure you check your trigger settings thoroughly before heading out.

    There are two types of trigger on the Schultz & Larsen Victory Rifle, the Direct Trigger, shown in this video, and the Two Stage Trigger.
    You can watch the trigger adjustments for the Two Stage Trigger here:
    Video for Two Stage Trigger Adjustments

    In this video we gain access to the trigger mechanism and adjust the trigger travel screw to alter the length of trigger travel. We also alter the trigger weight using the trigger weight screw furthest away from the trigger pivot point. The trigger weight screw nearest to the trigger is kept at factory settings as you do require some weight behind the trigger otherwise it causes slam firing.

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