Often asked thread and wrench sizes for the K-80.

Front sight thread is 2.5mm

Mid sight thread is 2.5mm

Bead thread on older guns was 2.6mm

Trigger adjusting wrench is 1.27mm / 0.050″. Same wrench locks the barrel selector.

Trigger guard screw slot needs a flat blade 7mm wide x 0.5mm thickness.

Comb adjusting wrench is 2.5mm hex key

Stock removal wrench is 5mm hex key

Safety catch locking screw wrench is 2mm hex key

Forearm screws need a Torx 20 wrench

Height adjusting wheel on Trap Special and Pro Sporter is locked using a 1.5mm hex wrench.

Front hanger cross-pin is 1.5mm. Use a 1.4mm punch to remove. The cross pin is hollow and a 0.9mm punch through the pin provides support when reinstalling.

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