• A Genuine “Sleeper”

    Back in 1998 I sold a quite unusual K-80 through Chris Potter Guns in Tunbridge Wells.  The gun was memorable because it was a K-80 with the detachable trigger mechanism and it was custom engraved by Katrin Nonn in a variation of the Arabesque Scroll engraving pattern.  This version of the K-80 was known as the RT, Standing for removable trigger.  Most immediately assume it means Release Trigger and I guess that did not help sales in the UK.  Krieghoff naming skills have remained consistent over the years.  The trigger was available as Release/Pull or Release/Release but this particular gun is the standard Pull/Pull.

    The engraving was commissioned by me as an enhanced version of the Arabesque Scroll pattern with more scroll work on sides and underside.  The top latch in particular had extensive engraving in the relief style.  The overall effect is very pleasing.

    I have often wondered what happened to that gun because we have never seen it since it was sold.  It is an odd characteristic of mine that I remember individual guns.  I forget customer’s names with depressing regularity but guns I remember.  Earlier this week I took a telephone call from the original owner and it transpired that after buying the gun he had shot it once and then life took over, and he had never used it again.  After 17 years he has finally decided that it has sat unloved in the cupboard too long and called me to ask advice on selling it.  As this is an unusual and special gun I offered to handle it personally for him.

    The configuration is 32″ Trap with adjustable comb stock.  The barrels are fitted with Briley chokes, done at the factory from new.  I think the gun is worth more than he is asking but he is taking a realistic view of the market and would prefer not to have it hanging about.  I have it with me at the Krieghoff DTL shoot and I will be surprised if it is not snapped up over the weekend.  In many ways I am tempted to keep it but I have too many guns in the collection already.  It is nice though…

    k-80 RT trigger mechanism

    The trigger mechanism is released with a special tool


    K-80 RT

    Underside showing enhanced scrollwork

    K-80 RT

    Enhanced Arabesque Scroll by Katrin Nonn



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4 Responsesso far.

  1. mark says:

    Nice how much is it

    • Alan Rhone says:

      Hi Mark, it was sold within a few hours of the post back in May. I did hear it may be for sales again. Jonathan at Mid Wales Shooting Centre was the dealer handling it so might be worth contacting him.

  2. Cierra says:

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    this site is actually good and the viewers are actually sharing pleasant thoughts.

  3. Tim howell says:

    I’m 99.9% sure I have this gun.
    I purchased it from mid wales shoot ground last week