• Krieghoff K-80 Choke Tubes

    Krieghoff offer two types of choke tubes for the K–80, Steel and Titanium. There is no difference in performance between the two but the Titanium chokes are longer and lighter than the steel version. Average weight of a Steel Choke tube in 1⁄2 choke is 23gm. The same Titanium Choke weighs 18gm. The longer Titanium chokes are a little quicker and easier to change around a Sporting layout.

    All choke tubes are marked with a number and a choke designation. The list below shows the actual constriction of the choke in thousandths of an inch.

    #00  CYLINDER 0.000″

    #0  SKEET 0.005″

    #1  IMPROVED CYLINDER 0.010″

    #1+  LIGHT MODIFIED 0.015″

    #2  MODIFIED 0.020″

    #2+  LIGHT IMP MODIFIED 0.025″

    #3  IMPROVED MODIFIED. 0.030″

    #4  FULL 0.035″

    #5  SUPER FULL 0.040″

    As a point of interest, early steel choke tubes had different dimensions. The Imp CYL was around 0.007″ and Mod 0.017″. Sizes were tweaked into 0.005″ steps when the Light Modified and LIM chokes were added to the range. These changes pre date the Titanium chokes so they have been consistent in size since introduction.

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