• Video | Schultz & Larsen – Classic Synthetic Barrel Removal

    In this video we demonstrate how to remove and attach the barrel back on to a Schultz & Larsen Classic Synthetic.

    Every Classic Synthetic rifle has the “Traveller System” which is two access holes allowing you to release the barrel from the action without having to remove the action from the stock.

    Tools used in the barrel removal:
    4mm Hex/Allen Wrench
    Dry, Clean Cloth

    We demonstrate this method without the “Traveller System” in another video from the Schultz & Larsen “How To” Series – Video of the Victory Barrel Removal

    The S&L Rifles boast incredible accuracy and the switch barrel feature is among the stunning features of the rifle. To find out more information on Schultz & Larsen, simply visit the website: http://greatdanerifles.com

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