• Video | Better Zeroing with Picatinny

    In this video we look at some methods on how to remove and attach your scope back on to a picatinny rail with better zeroing. As there are a few variations which can change slightly when remounting, the picatinny system is NOT 100% Guaranteed to repeat zero each time. But we go over some keys points to keep it as close to zero as possible.

    You may be removing your scope for:

    • Transporting the rifle
    • Putting the rifle in to storage
    • Switching from a Day Scope to a Night Vision

    The main points to remember:

    • Position of the Rings on the Rail
    • Push the Scope forward so it connects with the picatinny slot
    • Repeat the same order for tightening the Rings
    • Repeat the Tension of the Ring Clamps.

    We have various Picatinny Mounts. With Nut Fixings, Quick Release Lever Fixings and Spring Loaded Quick Release options.
    The Mounts Featured are:
    Contessa Picatinny Rings
    Recknagel Picatinny Rings
    ERATAC One-Piece Picatinny Ring Mounts

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