• Where to Apply Grease to your Krieghoff

    It’s important to apply grease where two surfaces contact and especially where they see movement. This helps the gun move with ease and prevents damage to areas which see wear.

    It is equally important to clean off old grease and reapply fresh grease for each use of the gun. This is good practice as when applying new grease on top of old grease, it can build up to create a dirty, gritty paste. This actually acts in the opposite way to lubricating and can cause damage after time.

    There are a number of areas listed below to apply grease to:

    1. Forearm Lug 

    The forearm lug on the barrel contacts the forearm iron mechanism. Sometimes overlooked, but is one of the main areas to apply grease to. Apply grease to the outer surfaces of the lug.

    2. Barrel Hinge 

    Apply grease to the inner edge of the cutout (left-hand arrow), this is where the hinge pin on the action connects with the barrel. The surface area (right-hand arrow) also sees contact with the action as the gun is closed, so apply grease here too. Remember to apply grease to both sides.

    3. Under the barrel wings 

    Apply grease to the area underneath the barrel wings. As the gun is closed, this area has slight contact with the action. Remember to apply grease to both sides.

    4. Barrel Wings 

    When the gun is closed, the top latch moves forward over the barrel wings, so apply grease to the sloping edges where the top latch contacts the wings.

    5. Forearm Iron face

    The forearm iron contacts the action on the faces/edges highlighted in a shade of red above. Apply grease to the lower area which has been circled too.

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