• Video | Scope Mounting – Fitting a Picatinny Rail

    Fitting a picatinny is extremely straight forward. We run through the process in this video and go over a few points to look for when buying a rail.

    The picatinny rails will come with the correct screws to fit and a wrench to tighten it up, but there are a couple of things you may need also, such as degreaser, surface-to-surface adhesive and thread locker. We supply very high quality mounting hardware from Recknagel, Contessa and Ziegler. Who all achieve a very high level of accuracy from their mounts.

    In a few simple steps, you can fit the rail at home. In this video we use a surface-to-surface adhesive. We would recommend the following:
    – Delta 55
    – Locktite 648

    We also use a threadlocker to prevent the screws from loosening from recoil and to lock them in place. Here are some we’d recommend:
    – Delta 77
    – Locktite 278

    A whole range of picatinny rails are available from Alan Rhone Ltd. You can purchase from our online store: https://www.alanrhone-store.com

    We also have a “Picatinny Rail Finder” so you can search for your specific rifle make and model and see the details of hole spacing and height: https://www.alanrhone-store.com/picat…

    Regarding Torque Setting. Due to variables when mounting such as any oil or grease on the action, adhesives and even temperature, we do not give this information unfortunately.

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