• Video | Weaver Vs Picatinny

    In this video we look at the two very popular mounting options Weaver and Picatinny. We show you different features and what to look out for with each system.

    A Picatinny Rail is a full length rail of slots, with a 5.23mm wide slot every 10mm. Whereas Weaver Bases have usually 4 (sometimes 3) slots of 4.57mm wide, and are fitted either side of the ejection port.

    Both have the same cross-section profile and is 21mm wide. But as the slots are different widths, picatinny being the wider of the two, you will find that Weaver Mounts will fit onto both Weaver and Picatinny Rails/Bases, but Picatinny Mounts will not fit onto Weaver Rails/Bases.

    We would always suggest a picatinny rail when mounting a One-Piece Mount or Night Vision Mount because these mounts can’t fit over the ejection port gap and don’t align with the weaver slots.

    PRO’s of Weaver Bases:

    • Neater Appearance
    • More space around the ejection port
    • Less Weight

    CON’s of Weaver Bases:

    • Less slots, so less options of mounting positions
    • Very unlikely to be able to switch scopes on different rifles
    • One-Piece Mounts will not fit across the bases and do not align with the slots.

    PRO’s of Picatinny Rail:

    • More slots, so more mounting positions
    • You can fit One-Piece Mounts and Night Vision Mounts to it
    • You can interchange scopes across from Picatinny to Picatinny

    CON’s of Picatinny Rail:

    • More Weight than Weaver Bases

    Fitting Instruction Videos:

    Picatinny Rail – https://youtu.be/H-n8JaPdH-g

    Weaver bases – https://youtu.be/cSrUvvjknnE

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