• K-80 safety

    K-80 Safety Information

    The K-80 safety slide located on the top strap has a button to prevent it moving accidentally.  To move the slide forward, depress the button with the the thumb.  To move it back, depress the button again.

    The selector can be locked “off safe” by means of a locking screw through the side of the top strap.  Remove the stock using the M5 hex wrench provided.  The locking screw is on the left side of the top strap.  To lock the safety, depress the button and push the slide forward.  Release the button to hold it in place.   Tighten the safety lock screw and your safety is now locked OFF.

    K-80 safeties can also be easily adapted to auto safe using a kit supplied by the factory.  This kit does require some expertise to ensure it functions correctly and is best fitted by a qualified Krieghoff gunsmith. 

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