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    I often hear grumbles regarding my policy of not supplying action parts to other gunsmiths. There is a very simple reason for this and it has little to do with any commercial aspect.

    Firstly, to fully understand the K-80 mechanism and the relationship and interaction of individual components requires specific training. Without this understanding a tolerance can be changed rendering the gun unreliable or possibly dangerous.  

    Secondly, the K-80 mechanism is constantly evolving and updates and changes are incorporated at regular intervals. A recent example being a firing pin update to help combat the pierced primer issue affecting all gun manufacturers.  Each update is notified to us, the official UK Krieghoff Service Centre, by the factory in Germany. We are informed which parts have been changed and given the correct tolerances to be adhered to when these parts are retro fitted to an existing gun. 

    All updates are included every time we do an annual service and at no additional cost. 

    It is simply not possible for a non Krieghoff qualified gunmaker to have the necessary information to do this.  This is no disrespect to many of the excellent gunsmiths we have in the UK but they cannot install an update if they don’t know it is required. Nor can they do it without the specific technical information from the factory. 

    Theoretically, you might think it possible for this information to be passed on over the telephone but practically it would be impossible. It is simply not sensible to pass comment on an action you cannot see, never mind the time this would take for both parties. 

    Our prime responsibility is to ensure our customer’s guns are functioning perfectly and that means we need to be the ones doing the service. There is no other way. 

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3 Responsesso far.

  1. Mike Burnand says:

    The quality of the work you do is exemplary. I would only be happy with a factory trained gunsmith working on my k80.

  2. Hank says:

    Gee whiz, and I thgohut this would be hard to find out.